V2III sits down with TheMuseum TV

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"There are a few store fronts in the City that genuinely look to tap into the culture here in #Boston and #MA overall. We feel it important for people to know where they can go to feel the essence of things here. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce the ladies owning & running the #Roslindale (Boston) based Boutique V2iii Boutique! They’re approaching their One Year Mark of being open for Business and they’ve been hosting consistent pop up shops for Outreach to Underground Clothing Designers/Brands (providing their space for them set up shop). If you own your own Clothing Brand and think you have the product to be in stores, inquire with these ladies to see if you’re brand will be a fit in the store! Who knows? Music Artists, there’s definitely opportunity here as well because they always have music playing in the store (just throwing that out)... Either way, Guru Sanaal gets further into their story with our New Sit Down! Stay Tuned! We're Exhibiting the #Culture's Stories all 2018! Keep Up with what's Shaking Around You. Take a look at the video then Like, Comment and Share!" - TheMuseumTV


Thank you to The Museum TV for taking the time to sit and down and chop it up with us. 


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